Sitting in Bali, missing you.


Hi, I am Dana. Welcome to my newly created work in progress Chakra Evolution website. A place I will share my authentic self, my soulful heart, yoga and all I am embodying.

After passing the practical component of Chakra Evolution Yoga Teacher Training course this May. I found myself back in Bali, where Fate, God, Karma has placed me in an unbelievable “right now” place. In the offer I felt my souls cry of YES, in feeling this YES place. I felt many past NO’s pop up and indecisiveness of my ways. I can complete my studies here. As daunting as they seem, they are shinning the light on my shadows and hidden parts of myself and testing my will and devotion to want to teach and walk this path. I am unraveling many layers of myself. After arriving the last two days out of 10 I was able to sit at my computer without consistently avoiding, distracting, procrastination and squirming from the assignment.

A brief encounter at Vet in Ubud, with stranger lead to numbers exchanged. Weeks later I was invited to house-sit her place. In saying the “YES” here I am, being well looked after and nurtured and cared for by my new friend’s lovely staff. In return I am loving more each day and cuddling her two beautiful cats with very different personalities. My friend is grateful towards me and loves I am here for her cats. I am truly grateful for her and this opportunity she has given me.

How – It was our Yoga groups kitten (Shakti was her name), a tiny abandoned stray captured our hearts and we took her in. Shakti has connected us. Shakti, in the beginning she reflected to me how cold my heart was. I would of left her at the market place blind and alone unaware of the ripple effect (a coping, defense mechanize from old pains and love). With Shakti’s presence in front of me so fragile, vulnerable I felt how she needs our love. I made a conscious decision to let her love in. Loving her unconditionally to my know how, with knowing tomorrows with her were uncertain. She filled my heart with so much love and brought me so much joy. She gave me a taste of maternal instinct it felt natural to have her by my side. Riding with me in her side carriage (my side satchel bag) throughout Bali even coming to dinners and lunch so many beautiful memories. She was always with one us in the yoga room and villa getting stronger and bigger everyday.

Once teacher training has ended. Three of us took Shakti from Lovian to Ubud destination Kitty Villa. What a wonderful team giving us so much for little Shakti unfortunately as she was to young for injections and needed minding until then, with a deadly virus lurking, handing her over would of been high chances of death we took her back to stay with us. Four days of this back and forth and finally an adoption came through! The eve of handing Shakti over to her new family she was attacked by another cat during the night in one of Bali beautiful open air houses, not kitten safe. The deafening haunting sounds knowing something terrible is happening, only to have found a place with her new family and her passing days later. Arriving in Sydney airport to this news of Shakti passing, it crushed my heart. Left feeling responsible, my love alone was not enough and there is always more we can do! Kitty Villa takes donations they do so much for Bali’s Cats. In feeling the haunting feeling this moment brought me its now encouraging me to learn, grow and do more!

Many lessons have been felt from our dear Shakti entering my life. These I can share another time. I miss her so much and want to make the most of this opportunity I have been given. Between Shakti and my experience at Collette Oonah Corcoran – Chakra Evolution Yoga teacher training I am constantly unraveling transforming, being a more connected version of myself. Seeing, feeling, loving deeper and speaking truth with my voice heard louder in resent days. Collette Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou for all that you are and do for me. Loving you and our irreplaceable Shakti. I hold you both so dear to my heart.

I feel blessed to be where I am “right now”. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou God. Shakti I am going to complete my Yoga assignment and finish what I started in Bali.

I am looking forward to sharing Chakra Evolution Yoga and philosophy with others. Along with all the knowledge I am embodying and the unravelings of my self and what my journey holds. Chakra Evolution teachers are world wide here is the link to look them up (giving myself a little bio is on my to do list).

With a heavy heart of sweet love intertwined with grief,
Love Dana
Shakti in her side carriage

Riding with me, in her side carriage.

Shakti sniffing Cat poo Coffee.

Love this kitten with all of my heart
I love this kitten with all of my heart – Feeling the moment Rafiki presents the birth of Simba.


Definition of Shakti (Source Wikipedia) Shakti (Devanagari: शक्ति, IAST: Śakti; .lit “power, ability, strength, might, effort, energy, capability”[1]), is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe in Hinduism and Shaktism.

Shakti is the concept or personification of divine feminine creative power, sometimes referred to as “The Great Divine Mother” in Hinduism. As a mother, she is known as “Adi Shakti” or “Adi Parashakti”. On the earthly plane, Shakti most actively manifests through female embodiment and creativity/fertility, though it is also present in males in its potential, unmanifest form. Hindus believe that Shakti is both responsible for creation and the agent of all change. Shakti is cosmic existence as well as liberation, its most significant form being the Kundalini Shakti, a mysterious psychospiritual force.

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