Contact is collection, a union offering my services. After years of thoughts, the I should with no action, feeling to share but somewhat afraid to I am sharing my services listed here. is place to share my poetry for those whom wish to read at times I am compeled to write and have no control, it needs to come out for a long time is just been scribbled down pieces onto notes of paper, notes onto my phone now my self expressions of my soulful heart have a home, writing has helped me to emote my emotions.

I absolutely love teaching yoga and if you require a freelance designer below is a list of places where you can find me and get in touch with myself and my Chakra Evolution Family.

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I am asking myself is it fear which is holding me back from opening to my love, joy, happiness, zest for life? Continue to choose LOVE over fear. Its love that opens doors.

Go gently with a dedicated and devoted heart.
Dana ♥

Sunrise at Mount Batur, Bali –