Cover Art

We all have stories to share of our own heartbreaks, triumphs, joys, loves and had to be there moments. My sister has always said everyone has a book within them. She has written in her raw perspective about our past, revealing tales of her life to date. 

The Tales of Disco Chook. A MemoirBy Tan Izzy is an honest read, a glimpse into the bearing all of ones soul, emotionally moving with laughter and for me personally so many tears. Its so easy to read its hard to put down yet I’ve taken big breaks between reading emotionally its been a lot to process. I can hear the words flow out as if my little sister was beside me pouring out her heart and soul. It depicts her love, passion, strength, endurance and resilience throughout what life has given, with her positive outlook. She wishes her tales will inspire those that read her words.

For pre-orders of her book please visit her website.

The Tales of Disco Chook officially comes out on the
30th October, 2020.

It’s taking me time to come into acceptance of major events that have happened in our life, and in process of how its impacting me and my family that are shared among-st the pages of this book. With outcomes that have broken my heart and left me picking up the pieces. In hindsight I may of acted differently only doing the best I knew at the time. Embodiment brings foresight. Life brings us all lessons when felt at the core starts the healing process that transforms us all.

Power of the written word
Feeling through writing is so therapeutic! I am so very proud of my sister and her courageous achievement, her accomplishment in writing her first book becoming a self published author sharing her story takes self acceptance, true will and devotion! I witnessed this, her drive and her determination, dedication and commitment throughout the back and forth process in what has been one of the hardest years of our life (2020) what a year for us all, an emotionally charged silence war if left unexpressed.

Cover art and design
Its an honor to be Tania’s sister and be able to proudly say I created and designed the cover of her very own book. The creative design process was an evolving journey. We are very happy with the printed results. Love reminds us what truly is important! In my opinion love is the greatest force. Its in Love we are free.

Tan Izzy Book Design

With LOVE and appreciation. A HUGE thank you to our support network, our family and our dear friends. With special thank you’s to those that have been with us throughout our life’s journey.

An extra special call out to my sister and brother their partners love you guys so much, my dearest friends Triinu and Susan, my incredible teacher and dear friend Collette for all their love, support and encouragement through such difficult times helping me meet myself and face my biggest fear of death and loss coming to terms with my mum dying from Cancer. My mum was my world and my grieve shows me the depths of my love. I would not be where I am today if I did not have these people in my life. Love you guys so much!

Big big love to all.