Dana Ivosevich

Dana is both a disability support worker and before after school care Educator, a qualified yoga teacher in Kids Yoga Therapy with Loraine Rushton, Zenergy Yoga and Chakra Evolution Yoga learnt with Collette Corcoran, The Temple de la Rose. 

Dana offers personal and group classes for children and adults to connect her clientele back into their bodies and emotional state to open the body and move the feeling. With her teacher Collette, she has been undergoing transformation deep soul work refining herself in the human psyche, the shadow, emotional and behaviors. She is devoted to her daily soul work practice. The courses ask her to dig deep within herself this brings out a better version of herself forward for her to then step into.

(Carl Jung psychology of Archetypes are universal, inborn models of people, behaviors, or personalities that play a role in influencing human behavior in our conscious and unconscious mind)

As children’s health is dependent upon parental health Rachelle Garcia Seliga INNATE Training in Postpartum Care has greatly supported her own journey and that of what she wishes to continue to share with children and families. Bringing in her creative graphic design flare she connects and engages with over 100s of children through the modalities of Yoga, breathing exercises, creative play & art. Knowing children have the potential within she has the ability to notice what can go unseen and engages with and encourages children from here, on their level recognising, acknowledging, loving supporting their feelings. Witnessing their emotional state and teaching them self-regulating emotional tools to assist in moving their feelings in a supportive, loving, encouraging environment. When accurately reflecting a child’s emotional state and validating their feelings this is how we heal.


“Dana has a lovely gentle way with children whilst encouraging them to explore their potential and individual gifts. She is intuitive and playful and has helped both my daughter and granddaughter with their daily activities and social outings. Scarlett adores having her about and kids seem to be drawn to her. Highly recommend her many talents”