Chakra Evolution Classes

In Person Yoga ClassesBookings essential
Every Thursday evenings, 7.30pm.
Location: Forsetville Sydney NSW.
(Genbu-Kai Dojo. Address: Level 1, 16 The Centre Forestville NSW, 2087)

Online Yoga Classes
By booking request (Time zone in Sydney NSW)
Location: In your own sacred space. Link will be provided on payment received.
More group times and sessions will be available soon.

To register your interest / book your place in my classes / enquirer about a personal or private class
Please email click here to connect.

What is Chakra Evolution?

Chakra Evolution Yoga was born in longing to delve deep. A combination of 23 years of search & training created by my teacher Collette Corcoran. Collette is the founder of Chakra Evolution putting embodiment into the real work that actually changes us. Training in ancient lineages of yoga, pranayama, mantra, activating energy exercises, alchemical initiations, sacred ceremonies, secret teachings, dimensional aspects of the psyche, shadow work, healing the inner child, working with the archetypes and sub personalities as well as the real physical relationships in our lives. 

How Chakra Evolution continues to transform me:

I have had many experiences within yoga and all of what it encompasses, empowers in me. I love sharing this practice.
1. How it transforms me to be a better version of myself
2. Drives me to strive, for my greatest passions in feeling my worth
3. To see my light, opens my heart to deeper love, empathy and compassion,
4. Healing my hurts in my self realisations (dark & light aspects of me)
continuing to accept myself, love myself as whole.
5. Feeling my emotions changes my actions bettering my life.

Its in this energy of what it does for me, from my embodiment I want to continue to share this remarkable practice. I am delighted to be teaching Chakra Evolution its one of many things I love to do, sharing and being witness to the transformation that take place.

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Our Family a network of Chakra Evolution teachers from around the world.
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Looking forward to sharing this beautiful moving yoga practice to more souls seeking.
A reminder to continue to choose LOVE over fear. I can over I can’t.

Go gently with a dedicated and devoted heart.
Dana ♥